LIMITED UNITS! - Feel unparalleled comfort and a total blackout sensation to break loose from the urging pressures of modern life.



Surrounding eye pillow
designed for a perfect fit

Supernatural shape and exceptional softness for the majority head shapes and sizes.

Boost mindfulness and concentration

Feel-good and
dream on

Immerse yourself in a perfect, sheltered state and enjoy a better connection with the dreamer in you.

Easy on the eyes

Connect with your inner dreamer

Combine your boundless eye mask with your headphones
for deeper relax.

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DREAM IN STYLEOSTRICHPILLOW LOOP is the revolutionary eye pillow, designed to be a stylish and portable way to disconnect and have a moment for yourself. Whether you're commuting, at work, or even at home, the blackout sensation helps you take a dreamily comfortable mini break anywhere at the blink of an eye.

SUPER VERSATILE - Whether you want to disconnect and have a power nap, focus on a yoga or mindfulness session, or simply have a moment to yourself whilst travelling, the exceptionally portable LOOP is ideal, especially when combined with your headphones.

CLEVER DESIGN - The unique design has transformed the traditional eye mask into a eye pillow that hugs your head, giving that you that cocoon feeling to help you relax a have a moment to yourself. The VELCRO® brand closures allow for a wide range of head sizes to use the LOOP.


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cm: 116L x 3HP (Highest Point) | Inches: 45,66L x 1,18HP (Highest Point
Fabric: 95 % Viscose – 5% Elastomer
Filling: Polystyrene microbeads
Fit: OSTRICHPILLOW LOOP was designed to adapt to the great majority of head sizes, always taking into account the average measurement of the contour of the head of an adult: 56-58 cm and testing it on all our OSTRICHPILLOW heads, including one of 60cm! What’s shown on the packaging is an example of the most common fit, whereas there are some head shapes that may need some slight adjusting to get the best fit. The best thing to do wear it the way that best suits your comfort feel.

We've also made a link below to little video below to show you different ways people like to wear it.

Fit video
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