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"Drift off to dreamland in complete comfort, for the best sleep ever."

“Who doesn’t love and need a good nap, especially while working or on the go?”

"You’ll walk off the plane not having to worry about curing your jet lag either"

By defying standard categories and breaking free from the norm, our feel-good family of products explores the wonders of the unexpected.

Dreams happen anywhere

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OSTRICHPILLOW started with a simple idea: make it easy, and normal, to get the sleep you need (even if that means napping at your desk). With the support of a community of dreamers and several succesful Kickstarter campaigns, we made that dream come true. And that was only the beginning.

From luxury travel pillows to ones designed for workplace napping, we're constantly developing creative solutions for the everyday. Whether you're always on the go, need to recharge, or are simply looking for some inner reflection, our fun and functional products make life's small moments even better.

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